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Thymus Role in Allergies and Anaphylaxis?!

Scientists at Pohang University in Korea have discovered the role of the thymus, a lymphatic gland located in the upper chest, in allergic and anaphylactic reactions. This is a major discovery and should be examined for control, reduction and elimination of reactions to regular food in the allergy population. Thanks to Snack Safely for sharing [...]

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New Ice Cream Flavor (Allergy Friendly and Gluten Free) Too!!

Thanks to NNMG Food Allergic Families for sharing this wonderful new ice cream from Chapman's : Cotton Candy Checkerboard! Can't wait to try it! NNMG Food Allergic Families of Ontario, Canada Celia Disipio    · Shout out to Chapmans for this new lovely flavor

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Great Idea – Using Allergy Cards Translated Into the Country Being Visited

Great idea to have a translation card made in the language of the country you are travelling to. In this case the English version allergy card has been translated to Spanish to use in Spanish-speaking countries. ***One of the readers said she sound the cards on Etsy! Peanut Allergy and Anaphylaxis Awareness Trish Venero Eckstine  · 3h  · Love [...]

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What You Need to Know About Allergies to Drugs

Where allergies and drugs are concerned, the test of the reaction to an antibiotic should take place, even if there was no reaction for several uses. The tragic story below relates to a case where an antibiotic was administered without a skin test to determine safety for use. Many thanks to Snack Safely for sharing [...]

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Do Some Allergic Kids Have a ‘Sixth Sense’ When It Comes To Avoiding Certain Foods?

Thanks to Living With An Egg Allergy and Sam Smith for sharing this Story relating to food allergies and some kids' reluctance to try it even when they have never tried! I do know that my own three kids refused to eat certain foods with no explanation when younger. All to say, is there a [...]

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EpiPen Settlement from Viatris (Mylan) for Price Gouging Accusations

The sky high unaffordable pricing for the EpiPen from Mylan, now called Viatris has been settled with a $264 Million agreement reached. Claims can be made through Viatris — Formerly Mylan — Agrees to $264 Million Settlement to Settle EpiPen Price Gouging Claims ByDave Bloom -2022/03/07 2585 Share Last week, Viatris — the company formerly known [...]

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