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Two EpiPens at Hand Best Practice for Allergy Group

A study looking at the use of Epinephrine in an anaphylactic episode found that 10% of the cases required more than one dose. The results underscore the importance of the allergy group being prepared at all times with adequate epinephrine. Study: 10% of Anaphylaxis Cases Require Multiple Doses of Epinephrine ByDave Bloom -2021/05/24 142 Share Epinephrine is [...]

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Gut Microbes and Food Allergies

The relationship between gut and food allergies is being examined. The link is important and can guide future treatments and a cure. Promising work is underway looking at levels of good and bad gut microbes and the promise of cultivating good gut microbes. BIOLOGY Gut Microbes May Be Key to Solving Food Allergies New therapeutics [...]

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Egg Free Cut-Out Cookies

Cut - Out cookies that are allergy friendly and fun, courtesy of Safely Delish. These cookies are egg-free and have no peanuts or nuts. These deliciously soft Egg Free Cut Out Cookies are buttery and delicious, and hold their shape well for decorating!  Add sprinkles or frosting to fit your next event or party, or leave them [...]

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Veggie Cakes – Allergy Style

Shout out to Pooks Pantry for providing this inspiration for a healthy, allergy friendly snack that can be enjoyed by everyone! The recipe includes grated vegetables: carrots, zuchini, broccoli, cauliflower and beet leaves. The recipe is egg free and allergy friendly too. APRIL 25, 2 YIELD: 14 VEGAN VEGGIE CAKES CREATE PINTEREST PIN4.7 Stars (6 [...]

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Egg Free Gingerbread Cookies

Here is a recipe for soft Gingerbread Cookies from Simply Delish! Soft Egg Free Gingerbread Cookies These delicious Egg Free Gingerbread Cookies (or Gingersnap Cookies!) are soft, chewy, and perfectly spiced, but not overly spicy. The ginger and cinnamon spiced dough comes together easily with minimal ingredients, and are naturally egg free, with no special egg substitutes. [...]

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Toronto’s Great Teal Allergy Awareness Month Promotion

· Hey #Toronto! Tomorrow night (May 22nd) the CN Tower / La Tour CN and the #3DTorontoSign will be lighting up teal for #foodallergy awareness! Share your photos with us using #ShineATealLight, #AllergyAware and #TurnItTeal. City of Toronto

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Allergy-Friendly Products Update: May 2021 from Snack Safely

Update: Thousands of Allergy-Friendly Products Including Many from Four New Partners! ByDave Bloom -2021/05/20 598 Share New Products! We’ve added tons of new products to all editions of the Safe Snack Guide, our catalog of over 2,500 allergy-friendly products from 150+ responsible manufacturers! Special Editions for a Variety of Allergen Exclusions! The Safe Snack Guide is a family of [...]

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The Allergen-Free Label : Find Out What It Really Means

There are many allergy-free symbols everywhere. They appear on food packaging, restaurants and bakeries, to name a few. The following post from Snack Safely outlines the need to get further information beyond the allergy-free symbol. Ask questions at the restaurant or bakery. In addition, check for contact information on packaging and view the product site [...]

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Basophil Activation Test (BAT) shows near 100% Accuracy for Food Allergies

Current testing for food allergies is invasive, using skin pricks and food particle testing resulting in 50 to 75% accuracy . There is a new test called BAT that uses a blood sample from an individual along with a white blood cells to provide 96- 100% of the time for nuts and seed allergies. Recent [...]

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EpiPen Always

Never leave the house without the EpiPen! Always bring it!! Have a reminder in the hallway near the door or better still on the door next to the door handle. Thanks to Charise Grant Barnes NNMG Food Allergic Families Forum for this essential reminder! Charise Grant BarnesNNMG Food Allergic Families Forum  · BYE Bring Your Epinephrine [...]

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