If you want to escape the sneezing,congestion and itchy eyes of spring, some great new warriors can bring on the adios chorus for you!

Most recently, my family and I have felt the  allergies arriving with the blooming of the lovely bushes and trees.

Imagine the ability of elements, including good fatty acids, pepper pigment and ginger,  helping to ease that spring/ summer congestion. 

Great news! Common foods contain these elements and are easily accessible for those in need.                                  

The latest allergy busters can be found closer to you than you think….. Avocado, ginger and bell peppers may be the natural remedies for you.  Even better that these remedies are available at your local grocery and natural food stores!

The first of these is the avocado* and can be found at just about every food store. The power of the avocado is delivered through it`s ability to boost the immune system. Other great fatty acid sources come from fish, nuts and flax. Just a few ounces of these foods daily is sufficient.

The second powerful food comes in the form of peppers. Pepper’s as in bell peppers*, whether they are green, red, yellow or orange, deliver allergy busting power (up to 40%). This comes from the pepper pigments that provide their vibrant colors. The amount recommended is a daily serving of 2/3 cup of any one of these peppers.

A third effective natural food source to battle spring allergies is ginger.**  Some easy ways to have ginger are by drinking ginger tea, adding ginger flavor to meals and eating a ginger candy. Ginger acts to suppress the immune system reaction to major spring allergens present in the greenery and flowers.

Now comes the fun part – Create a tasty, “adios spring/summer allergy treat!   This is one of my favorite snacks for my family and is great with taco chips, crackers and sandwiches.

Avocado and Red Pepper Guacamole (photo shown above)

    3 avocados (peeled and mashed)


    fresh cilantro 1/3 cup  (diced),

    lime juice( 1 tbsp),

    garlic minced 1 tsp.  

    red pepper 2/3 cup  (cubed),

    salt (to taste)

    Chill your homemade guacamole for one hour.

Top it off with some Iced Ginger Tea!!   Enjoy!!  


*Public Health Nutrition Journal (study co-author Joachin Heinrich)

**Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 2016